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Ancestors & Ancient DNA w/ Prof. Alice RobertsListen now (53 min) | Episode #57 | Biological anthropologist Prof. Alice Roberts shares her insights on how sequencing ancient DNA can provide new…
A New Science of Consciousness w/ Anil SethListen now (77 min) | Episode #56 | Neuroscientist Anil Seth shares his thoughts on the role of neuroscience in explaining human consciousness, why our…
Evolution and the Challenges of Modern Life w/ Bret Weinstein & Heather HeyingListen now (73 min) | Episode #55
The Neobiological Revolution w/ Jane MetcalfeListen now (55 min) | Episode #54
Frontiers of Human Knowledge w/ Michael BhaskarListen now (75 min) | Episode #53
Pathways to a Flourishing Future w/ Jeremy LentListen now (84 min) | Episode #52
Mysteries of Consciousness w/ Philip GoffListen now (72 min) | Philosopher Philip Goff shares his thoughts on a radical new understanding of consciousness called panpsychism, the relationship…
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